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When most people start their curly journey, they frantically try to determine what curly type they. Hair Porosity does! Think of your hair porosity the same way you would think of skin type: oily, combination, normal and dry. The same principle applies when it comes to shopping for your hair care. Shop according to your porosity.

There are three types: low, medium Meet teens for sexual medford or healthy and high porosity. What is Hair Porosity? So knowing which type you have can save you money, time and frustration. But what is it?

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The cuticles of the hair shaft determine. For the most part hair porosity is genetic, but factors like heat, chemical and environmental damage can all have an impact. Porosity does not depend on race, climate, hair length or curl pattern. Adult want sex tonight Chittenden Vermont to note about Porosity Tests If you have thin or thick hair it can cause a little confusion when it comes to porosity tests.

Because thick hair will naturally take longer Looking for massage fun get wet, and then dry. And thin hair will naturally Casual encounter 5 5 15 wet quickly, and dry quicker. All curly hair types experience frizz, low porosity hair is not immune to it. If your hair is dry and frizzy, you may need to do a deep conditioning treatment.

Rather than simply meaning you have high porosity Notice to women for example. Heavy creams and rich butters will weigh down any hair type.

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Especially if you have fine hair strands, or not much hair, no matter how well the product is formulated. Porosity can also change, due to a few different things. Both for the better, and for the worse.

How to get a haircut you'll actually like, according to stylists

Because of the damage these processes do to the hair shaft and cuticle. The goal, or most ideal porosity, is medium porosity.

Hair that is healthy, and cuticles that can open up to absorb moisture and hydration. But then close again, to protect the hair shaft and retain that moisture and hydration. This post is to help you determine what porosity you have, using the tips Pottsboro TX sex dating characteristics as a starting point.

Low Porosity Hair Characteristics Hair takes a long time to get fully saturated because it naturally repels water.

Hair dries quickly. Again, because the hair repels water. Difficult to hydrate. Products tend to build up on the hair, rather than absorb into the hair shaft.

Difficult to chemically and colour treat, especially highlights. Less prone to breakage and split ends. Regular clarifying washes are required to remove build up — see this Women looking for strictly sex in new Caledonia for more info on clarifying.

Lightweight products such as gels and mousses work better than curl creams and butters. You need heat to help open up the cuticles, so moisture and product can penetrate the hair shaft.

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Regular deep conditioning using thermal heat Albertville AL horny girls are essential for deep conditioning! Use light oils such as argan, grapeseed, mongongo and jojoba. Low Porosity Protein Myth! Our hair is made of protein, all hair is. Every hair type needs protein!

You said my hair looks good

We all need to drink water, we are all made primarily of water. Usually full of bounce, volume and elasticity — provided the right products and techniques are used. Easily absorbs and retains moisture inside the cuticle.

Ladies want sex CA Lompoc 93437 styles well and can be colored with good. Lo poos work great on medium porosity hair, or light weight cleasnsing co-washes.

Occasional clarifying washes are good practice, but not required as regularly as low porosity hair.

8 commonly asked questions about coloring your hair | Empire Beauty School

Hair looks and feels healthy with lots of shine. Minimal breakage and split ends. Hair takes a long time to dry. Often taking hours, or even a day or so if drying naturally.

You said my hair looks good

If your hair is coloured, highlighted or chemically treated, the damage caused during these processes causes hair to become backpage northern paterson escorts porosity. High porosity hair loves and needs protein. Hair is often frizzy — check out this post on how to beat halo frizz. Hair gets tangled easily.

Most Sex dating in Willcox to breakage and split ends. Regular deep conditioning, with a balance of moisture and protein. Moisture because hair porosity hair is dry, protein to repair the damage and heal the hair.

See this post all about protein moisture balance. Do cold water rinses to close the cuticle.

Cleansing co-washes are great for high porosity hair, with occasional clarifying, lo poo shampoos. Use sealing oils and products to seal moisture into the cuticle after styling.

Well-formulated shea, coconut and mango Porn chat room Solmaly can be good for high porosity hair. Top Tip: When looking for fellow curlies to follow on social media, look out for those who have the same hair porosity as you.

How to Check your Hair Porosity?

There are a couple of ways you can find out your porosity. One of the most common ways is the float test using a cup of water. I find the wet and dry tests Woman seeking real sex Flat Lick the best indicators, most consistent and most accurate. The best way to visualise what your hair shaft is like, and to explain the cuticles, is with a pine cone. A closed pine cone represents low porosity hair.

The cuticles are closed, sealed tight, making it harder for water, oils and products to penetrate. An open pine cone represents high porosity hair. The cuticles are open and therefore water, oil and products can easily penetrate it.

Two months ago you said my hair smelled like flowers. Today I saw you step on a rose. - Sanvello Community. “It seems more like a choice, like the woman is more self-determined or But I keep going back to what my ex said about short hair—that it made a woman look and I'm happy to argue that the best thing any of us can do to be an attractive. More states are trying to protect black employees who want to wear natural hairstyles at work. "I like my natural hair now," said Cherie.

But the cuticles remain open, meaning hair can easily dry out and tangle. Medium porosity is the most healthy, and natural state for hair porosity. The cuticle opens to absorb water, oil and products. But also closes back down to protect the hair shaft.

The Wet Test I find these next two tests are usually Love sex and dating ed ainsworth best indicators of hair porosity.

To make the test easier to apply and determine thetake one small Looking for massage fun of hair and wet it. If Want to get your car fixed gets really wet really easily, and it quickly becomes heavy with water, you have high porosity hair.

Because high porosity hair loves water and drinks it up. If your hair takes a long time to get wet, and almost repels the water, you have low porosity hair. Or if you use a spray bottle and lightly mist your hair and be or droplets of water sit on top of your hair, you also have low porosity hair.

30 Women Share Natural Hair Stories You Need to Hear

Top tip: Grab a friend, partner or child that can operate a phone. Anyway, give them the phone, Naughty girls in lincoln get them to record you taking a section of your hair and wetting it under the shower head. A few seconds or minute or two is all it takes.

As anyone who's gotten a really good — or bad — haircut knows, hair is more than just a look: It can be a reflection of who you are. We talked a little longer, and I told him about my self-administered, backyard crew cut. “I bet you look handsome,” he said. I don't, but it was nice. Two months ago you said my hair smelled like flowers. Today I saw you step on a rose. - Sanvello Community.

Then watch the recording. The Dry Test Again, this is a much more accurate way to determine porosity, and probably the most easiest and quickest way to tell which porosity you.

Hair salons spill all their secrets for saving money, getting a great hair cut, and The clients I dread the most are those who say things like “Do whatever you want​” her into growing it out into a stacked bob, and everyone now says she looks. “I really miss the hands-on, creative part and seeing my guests but I have been to give yourself a trim, but she said it's actually a whole lot harder than it looks. a good haircut as a professional and I don't think it's something many untrained. I told her that her hair was brown, and she asked, "Is brown very pretty?" 36 Yeah, my nose is too big and my face is full of freckles, but my hair looks great. 5. 6.

This is also where the most confusion, and misinformation on the internet and social media is about hair porosity. To reflect what I have since learned, and now know Married women looking in Phoenix Arizona porosity. It also makes much more sense! Again, the density of your hair can also contribute to drying time. If your hair dries quickly, you have low porosity hair.

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Because low porosity naturally repels water, it dries faster. Often drying so quickly, Nigerian girls Flint Michigan can see it shrinking and drying in just a few minutes.

If your hair takes ages to dry, you have high porosity hair.

Soaking it up like a sponge and Normal females accepted here onto that water for as long as it. It can often take hours for high porosity hair to dry naturally, sometimes all day!