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Original: Aug 3, A few years back, evolutionary psychologist Daniel Kruger was wandering around Manhattan when a Time Out New York cover Looking to talk maybe meet up his eye — a Godzilla-sized woman in a red dress rampaging through the city streets next to the headline: "Attack of the Single Women!

Kruger, a research professor at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health, wondered: "What if there really were a lot more single women than single men? What would that do to population dynamics, to male and female romantic relationships, to negotiating sexual relations and commitment?

To understand why, one needs to know something about the often conflicting evolutionary motivations that drive male and female reproductive strategies, and how they change particularly for men over the course of a lifetime. In young men, the selfish gene seeks to spread itself far and wide, mostly because it often can and with minimal investment of resources — hence, the rakish male tendency to love 'em and leave 'em.

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Women, on other hand, tend to be more discriminating. They're the Going out tonight 34 Wausau 34 who have to carry the baby around for nine months, then nurse it to independence. In women, the selfish gene prefers a mate with both the wherewithal and the resources to stick around and raise the kid. Because of different interests, women offer a sexual relationship in exchange for commitment, and men offer commitment in exchange for sex.

Hence, the higher marriage rates among something men in cities where dudes abound. Around age 30 or so, however, men start to become more interested in long-term relationships, and they switch from acting like c to acting like d. This is because, as their features soften and their testosterone levels fall, men lose their desirability as one-night-stand Wife wants casual sex MA Medway 2053, Kruger argues.

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The theory goes that if women are going to Beautiful ladies looking sex Tucson loved and left, they want it to be with a virile young man. That way, at least the child will be genetically fit, even if the guy doesn't stick. Older men, then, are left only with the good-provider card to play.

Hence, the lower rates of marriage among somethings in those populations. Gender balances also have consequences for social norms, an argument that was originally put forth by Marcia Guttentag and Paul Secord in a book called Too Many Women?

In times and places where men are scarce, competition among women le them to be more forward in their seduction. Sexual mores grow looser. Historically, hem lines rise. But at the same Women looking sex tonight McLemoresville, not being tied down often gives women more freedom to pursue their careers and education, and develop their own independence.

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Perhaps Nude women Menno South Dakota not a coincidence, suggests Kruger, that when women began to out men in the United States after World War II, the cultural and feminist revolution of the s soon followed. On the other hand, in places and times when women are in shorter supply, men do their best to promote chastity and to treat women as the fairer sex to be cherished and protected.

Think Southern belles, said Kruger: "In the South, where you have had a heavily male-biased population [because of the agricultural Single and looking in Hoxie Arkansas women were valued and adored for their physical beauty.

They were put on a pedestal but also shackled to that pedestal. If guys didn't have control over women then you'd see polyandry — women having relationships with multiple guys.

Guys keep social norms rigid because they are terrified of that happening. These guys are sensitive to threats to their relationship status. Historically it's been associated with warfare with other groups.

You can't have all these single guys who aren't getting any sexual satisfaction; it's a very volatile situation. On the other hand, when women out men, said Kruger, "They do get depressed and go inward, though the adverse consequences are less likely to be violent. You won't see a marauding band of women streaming from Manhattan to invade the neighboring population. Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Palm Springs

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To one New York City dating expert, however, there's more to the dating game than Leavenworth girl horny the s.

So, as long the as long as a girl is cute, she can be choosy. Women also benefit from the population density of a place like New York, says Malov, because there are just so many opportunities for them to get noticed.

I speak to guys all the time, and guys from other states complain it's harder to meet girls here than in the Midwest or the South. Become our fan.

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