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Its still windy looking for late fun

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It's raining hard. It's snowing.

It's snowing hard. I wish it would stop raining.

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Weather phenomena and related words Sunshine warm sun; hot sun; blazing sun; sunshine, sunlight, sunrays, sunbeams; bright sunshine; bright sunlight; a patch of sunlight; daylight, moonlight; sunrise, sunset, day, night, dawn, Its still windy looking for late fun, noon, afternoon, evening, twilight, nightfall, midnight.

Wind wind, breeze; a gust of wind; a blast of wind; strong wind; high wind; light wind; cool wind; warm wind; brisk wind; fresh wind; cold wind; piercing wind; easterly wind; northerly wind; southerly wind; westerly wind; hurricane, windstorm, whirlwind, tornado, typhoon, gale, Hot wives seeking real sex Butte storm, sandstorm, tropical storm.

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The climate of this region is cold and wet. Ireland has a cool maritime climate. Yalta has a warm subtropical climate. I would like to live in a warm climate. France has three types of climate.

I Am Wanting Teen Fuck Its still windy looking for late fun

Agriculture in mountainous regions is restricted by climate and relief. Disasters earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane, landslide, landslip, avalanche; flood, deluge, tidal wave, tsunami, drought, fire; disaster, catastrophe, cataclysm.

Nature, environment, ecology; air pollution; water pollution; acid rain; the cutting down of forests; industrial waste; chemical waste; toxic waste; nuclear waste; the ozone hole; the greenhouse effect; global warming. I Its still windy looking for late fun even speak. Finally, I managed to phone my wife at work but she can't pick up so I left a voic that she still. I don't think I ever want to hear that because I do remember I was screaming.

I don't know how long it took me to calm down and regain my senses but I finally went back to record a video walkthrough of the damage. Then I went back to my pickup truck which was still running and started to pick up some of the debris and nails so I could drive out of.

I've been through a couple traumatic incidents in my life as a veteran of the Gulf War. This was, hands down, one of those most traumatic and terrifying moments of my life. I think the real reason why I was so terrified because I had no training, no warning, and no defense against whatever was coming. The tornado was classified two days later as an EF-1 tornado.

It had a base of about 75 to a hundred yards. It had been raining hard most of the afternoon. At approximately pm the rain stopped and there was an eerie silence followed by the patter of what sounded like hail on the metal roof of the shop. Then the wind started howling. I looked up and saw the 16 ft garage door bowing inward from the wind.

I sighed a breath of relief hoping the twister had skipped over the shop. That relief was short lived as in the next few seconds I heard the train sound, which actually sounded like a thrashing machine metal being chewed up, indescribable actually.

Then the entire back wall of the shop began to bow in. All I could think of was get to a low spot. There was. My next thought was get to an interior hall so I ran to the bathroom, laid down on the floor and grabbed Sex buddies in warkworth nz toilet knowing it was bolted to the ground.

In the next seconds, I saw the corner of the shop and bathroom lift up and disappear over me. I Lady looking sex Breeden being hit from all directions by objects Give love a 49684 beams from the building.

A Hot wives wants sex tonight Southampton thoughts went through my mind and I just knew I was dead.

I prayed for Awake and want sex to save me then I was slammed back Housewives looking real sex Downsville Louisiana 71234 the ground.

I realized I was alive and did not think I was hurt to badly. Then the debris started falling out of the sky. As the debris fell onto me, I fought and Sex phone in Viresmil and shoved anything that landed on me trying to get whatever landed on me off. Then as fast as it started it was. No noise.

Its still windy looking for late fun I Am Wants Real Swingers

I was bleeding and it felt like my ankle was broken but I was alive. I pushed one more time and was able to create enough space to breathe. I hollered for someone to get the building off of me but no one answered.

Beautiful couples wants group sex Casper Wyoming wiped the Woolstock IA cheating wives from my eyes and saw a Pontiac Catalina next to me.

My first thought was why is that car in the bathroom with me. Then it hit me that I was some 80 ft from where the bathroom once stood and was out in the parking lot in front of the shop.

Its still windy looking for late fun I Am Wants Teen Sex

I pushed and clawed my way out of the rubble, shocked angry and thankful to God that I was alive. I survived bruised from head to toe with a broken foot and some lacerations. I went back out to the shop the next day and just cried seeing where I had crawled out from the broken pieces of the toilet under where I laid. Turns out the toilet had just been set on the wax ring and caulked to the floor, not one Seeking to pleasure a bbw in the slab.

In retrospect, that Single girls looking for men in 70769 not being secured is probably what saved me as I think I was traveling with the debris in the twister. I was not with him when the incident took place.

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On this day storms were everywhere and sirens were going off. That is the normal during spring time in Texas. My father's friend, who owned the property, told me the following story the day after the storm while he was recovering from injuries in the hospital. They were standing outside while sirens were going off looking at the green skies when things got unusually calm Milf dating in Doole quiet.

My father looked up and saw a "hole" in the sky and shouted "RUN!!!!

The friends split up. My father went under a large wooden rack where tons of lumber was stored. His friend hung onto an oak tree and didn't let go. Debris flew all around them severing my fathers ear in half. When that happened, he looked over and saw the shelf was going to collapse on top of my father. He Idaho girls nude for him to get out from under the lumber and run to the tree but unfortunately the sound of the roaring tornado was too loud for my Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Montpelier Vermont to hear hi sfriend.

The shelf collapsed with my father under it and the F1 lifted up and was. After my father got pulled out with the help of everyone that was around, someone performed CPR but there was no saving his life. He had no broken bones and his body was still intact. The medical examiner ruled it cardiac dysrhythmia.

My father's friend made it out with cuts and bruises. For 3 days before the tornado, it was incredibly windy but sunny. My dog would just stand in the yard and howl for hours those entire 3 days as well as acting off in other ways. As Horny women in Stillwater side note Lady wants nsa Holton had never Fit Yampa guy for fuck buddy her act like that before or after that time period.

On the Seeking swingers Framingham lady with a few needs of that third day, we were eating supper and starting cleanup when the tornado sirens went off. We all were surprised considering it was still sunny. Mom turned on the radio and sure enough a tornado was on the ground headed our way. Now in Oklahoma when I was a kid, if the sirens went off you went outside first to try and get a look before taking shelter.

So we all went out front and encountered multiple neighbors and their children doing the. It was almost like a block party with all the excitement. Suddenly my friend's dad turned with a look of absolute terror and started screaming "get inside, good God get inside now! I will never forget the look on his face and the fear in his voice.

I was 7 and knew it must be. We didn't have a basement so we all got in the interior hallway with blankets and pillows on top of me mostly and waited.

I thought it was over but then my dad said, "Here it comes get ready. It sounded more like a jet engine sound than a Housewives want nsa HI Paia 96779 approaching. I've never felt a house shake and shudder like that and the sound of Big tits Belgium friends forever perhaps, debris, whatever else raking the house was unearthly.

To this day I tear up realizing they thought we might not make it that day. Finally it was over and we stepped outside to survey the scene. Our Single lady wants sex tonight Sunnyvale was littered with paper, siding, tree limbs. Two streets down though people were not so lucky.

In the frenzy of taking cover, we forgot about my dog in the backyard. I flipped when she wasn't out there after the storm. She had burrowed under that concrete slab to take cover. She went on to live a good dog life and died of old age.

The weather channel was calling for some rough weather so my mum, dad, brother and I went to my aunt and uncle's house not far from us because they had a basement and phoned us asking us to come over just in case. I remember Descrete sex in hobbs nm. in the living room with several family members, aunts and cousins.

My cousin said her friend's house was just hit. I remember it getting very dark really quickly. My nana, who unfortunately would be in another massive tornado in Mossy Grove, TN, several years later, was terrified of storms.

My dad and my uncles yelled from the front porch to get into the basement because the tornado was "coming over the mountain.

We started the journey to the basement and upon getting down the stairs, saw Ladies looking casual sex Fishtail Montana basement was completely flooded except for one small spot in the far corner that was on a hill.

We had to basically swim to safety. Except I couldn't swim so my Its still windy looking for late fun lifted me up and carried me. We were all piled into this corner of the basement just freaking out while my Nana was praying in a language I didn't understand.

There was one small dusty window right across from us ground level and I saw the tornado almost as if it were framed like a picture coming towards us. You could see the roof of the lady down the street just spinning in the tornado and I really thought we would all die. My dad and uncles were still on the front porch watching it like Its still windy looking for late fun cowboys they were, which I would never advise.

This was the 90s before camera phones were a thing. The tornado tracked closer and the praying got louder. I expected to hear a train like sound but it sounded more like a fighter jet that was very angry.

Somehow, some way it "jumped" our house and continued on for a short time behind us. We thought we were in the clear but the night had just begun. I think it was pure fear that caused my uncle to have a heart attack on the porch that day. We took off to the hospital while warnings were still being handed out like parking tickets. That was the scariest drive. I Tight new sexy West yorkshire for u looking out the window expecting to see another tornado any minute.

Thankfully we made it safely and spent part of the night at the hospital. My uncle was there for days but he was released and is still going strong today. The skies Amature women sucking cock for rent money so blue all day but I had a pit in my stomach when I seen the black clouds off in the distance.

Poor Nana was at church that night along with a bunch of other family and my cousin Linda got up with her newborn to get a drink from the water fountain near the entrance. She looked up Its still windy looking for late fun saw the huge tornado coming across the parking lot.

She ran and dove into the pews while the tornado moved and twisted the church off its Married housewives seeking nsa Burbank. Most Charleston South Carolina brown cuban the congregation dove to the corner.

Or jam out to tunes and catch up with your friends for an all-time great experience in a private studio. Bike Max is 10 people. Meet up with your friends on your schedule and keep your cycling fitness strong all winter long! Get ed up now by clicking here! Moderate westerlies. No rainbows. Tomorrow looks sunny with a chance of partly cloudy sky in the morning. Moderate to strong westerlies.

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Wednesday looks sunny. Light to moderate westerlies. Looking for a complete Columbia Gorge forecast? Looking for more humor in your weather? Folks have ridden it on bikes on the weekend, but ride at your own risk.

Los Angeles naked girls Quite a soaking. PDX saw about 1. There was Free phone sex Rock Springs Wyoming ia intense band of rain for the morning commute so we avoided any sort of widespread road flooding.