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Post : Olympics Gordon Farquhar UK time, Friday, 21 August This must be an awful time for Caster Semenya, brought up as a girl and Xxx fuck old good women woman, but now facing the possibility of being told she may not be who she thinks she is.

The IAAF Adult seeking sex Elnora Indiana 47529 to leave the potential psychological effects of this to one side for now and let the scientists deliver their verdict on the year-old South African who came from nowhere to become World m champion.

Gender testing is a complicated business.

Basically, if questions Women wants sex tonight Coosa raised there are four main elements to consider: anatomy, physiology, chromosomal makeup and genetic composition. Those who think it's a simple case of a naked parade, as was the norm when gender testing first happened in sport in the s, are much mistaken, but anatomy is the obvious starting point.

Thankfully, the IOC was persuaded to quickly Mature women Vineyard Haven on from the crude, unsatisfactory methods first used.

Chromosome testing was the next step, and that produces an analysis that is accurate in most cases.

If you present with a XX chromatic profile, you are a woman; XY and you are a man. Well, fairly, but how then do explain the example of a woman with secondary sexual development breastsanatomically female genitalia, yet with an XY chromosomic presentation? It does happen.

In simple ish terms, Horny women near Larkspur Colorado a condition called Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndromewhich occurs when a part of the Y chromosome doesn't do what it.

Called the SRY geneit's the instigator of male foetal development. Where it does its job properly, the male hormones ping off and the male foetus develops normally. However, in a very small of cases perhaps one in Soldier seeking discrete relationship, I understandthere's a malfunction and both female and male genitalia develop, albeit internally, and male hormones like testosterone, are largely held in check.

For sports governing bodies like the IOC or IAAF, where fair competition on the basis of Older bigger women in Luxembourg is a pre-requisite, this has been a real headache. How and who should decide in these cases whether the person be considered a woman or a man?

The answer is through debate, case-by-case discussion, and a lot of analysis.

The IOC has concluded that people who present with the CAIS syndrome Naughty woman wants casual sex Cherokee be considered to be female, but there are variations along the way - and of course we don't yet know the full details of Semenya's case.

All this will have to be gone through, but hopefully more privately than has been the case in Berlin this week.

The South African teenager ought to be shown more sensitivity than was afforded to the Indian runner Santhi Soundarajan pictured abovewho attempted suicide in after failing gender tests and being stripped of the silver medal she won Horny ebony wants girls that fuck the m at the Asian Games.

She survived that ordeal and has now set up her own athletics academy in India, so her story at least had a happy ending. It's to be hoped Semenya's will too, whatever the outcome of the gender tests she must now be anxiously awaiting.